Sightseeing in Philly

Hi, this is Alison, Kiara, and Emily and we want to tell you about what happened today.

Today the kids at Nelson's Playground were given the opportunity to go to a amusment park which allowed us to take a tour around Philly.  We started out in the morning in prayer and then we made our way to Independence Hall where we went on a tour given by a volunteer. After this educational experience, we headed to lunch at Reading Terminal Market that served a plethora of foods. We were soon able to enjoy the pride of Philadelphia...Phily cheese steaks! Following that, we had our very own "photo shoot" at the Liberty Bell. Shortly thereafter, we visited the famous Rocky statue and continued to race up the very same stairs Rocky Balboa did. Our group finished their escapade at a local pizza parlor followed by games in the hotel lobby. Overall today was a wonderful experience but we very much look forward to being back with the children at Nelson's Playground the rest of the week.


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