Philly Day 3

Hello readers! This is Danny (Sam's brother). Today the missions team spent more time helping with the summer camp at Nelson's Park. 

We had more fun singing, dancing, talking, running and swimming. It has been nice and sunny the whole time so we all have some pretty good tans, and a few burns. The kids were very excited to see us again. They were extremely open to talk about themselves and listen as we presented the Gospel. At then end of the camp, a few of us demonstrated a wordless book-style bracelet. A wordless book, or bracelet, uses only colors to explain the Gospel story. Gold stands for God, darkness for our sin, red for Christ's blood, clear for belief, and lastly green for growing in our faith. After that we handed one out to every kid. Of course, they were excited for that, too. My favorite part of the day was during the swim time. I didn't go swimming, but I was able to have a couple of conversations: one where I learned quite a bit about the kid and he heard a bit about Christ, the other one Sam and I learned a little bit about the kid whereas he heard quite a bit about Christ. We also got to take a small trip to a soccer field today. We played freeze tag, and had a few relay races while dribbling. Please pray that we all can stay energized for the rest of the trip, and for all of the kids we get to spend time with these last two days.


I can't think of a seamless way to sign-off, so this is how it ends.



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...Oh, you're still reading....Well...Bye.


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