Philly Day 4

Hi all, this is PAJ.  For tonight's blog I wanted to tell you a little bit about each of our team members and what they have brought to our trip.

 I sat down with Gino and Kelli to get their thoughts as well.  We are extremely proud of each and every one of our group. 


Nick: Nick is focused.  When he is interacting with a child or an adult, they have his full attention.  He is also always able to put a positive spin on whatever situation we are in.  He is patient and connects well with everyone. 

Emily:  Emily is confident and focused.  She is always where she needs to be and is always observant and aware of what is going on around her. She also has a calmness to her that spreads through the group.

Brianna: Brianna is fun and outgoing.  She is always involved with what is going on, no matter what activity is taking place. She is attentive, listens well, conducts herself very confidently, and is always up for a high five.  

Rachel: Rachel is relaxed and shows a great love for all of the kids.  She is able to empathize with those around her.  She is willing to go out of her way to make the kids comfortable and make sure they are having fun. 

Kiara: Kiara will jump in and be involved in any activity. She's aware of what's going on around her and she adds an element of fun to every activity.  She always seems like she's enjoying herself and she has an infectious energy.  

Danny: Danny is extremely energetic.  He barely takes a break all day.  He will do anything he's asked to do and he loves the kids.  He is always all in.  Danny also happens to be hilarious.  He adds a lot of life to our group. 

Alison: Alison is tenderhearted and very caring.  She is willing to do anything and everything and has a good spirit while doing it.  She never lets nerves stop her and she is always able to be positive regardless of what is going on. 

Dina: Dina is terrific with one on one conversations.  We often see her engaging the kids in spiritual conversations with her Bible out, showing them what God's Word says.  She looks out for others in our group and is constantly mature and steady.  

Sam: Sam constantly puts in effort.  He is continually working hard to engage with the kids at the park as well as his fellow team members.  He is tenderhearted and is always looking for how he can further the ministry of the team. 

Jacki: Jacki has a natural ability with kids.  They instantly gravitated toward her when we arrived at the park on Monday.  She is relaxed and steady.  She's very approachable and is on board with anything and everything that we're doing.  

Jen: Jen does great ministry one on one.  As one of our leaders, she has done a terrific job interacting with and overseeing the teens. She is always involved and looks out for others. She never lets anything get in the way of doing her job.  

Gino: Gino is the master encourager.  He is quick to let people know how well they are doing and keeps our team focused.  He also jumps in and shows his love for the kids and gives the Gospel to as many people as he can.  

Kelli: Kelli is always looking out for the teens and takes care of everyone.  She is a master conversationalist and has spent a lot of time interacting with the adults and workers at the camp.   She can quickly get to know someone and share Christ with them.  

God has blessed us with a great team who takes care of each other and really loves each other. This list represents just the tip of the iceberg.  The teens and leaders each bring talents, skills, and gifts that work together to make our ministry a great success.  

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