Philly Day 5

Hey all! Dina and Rachel here. 

Today was our last day with the kids at Nelson's Park, it was very bitter sweet. We have grown to be so invested in these kids, so it was really hard to say goodbye.


We began the last day, just as we started the first day, with prayer before we headed off to the park. Today was a little different since it was our last day so when we got there we did the Cupid Shuffle and the ChaCha Slide with some of the kids and the counselors. Shortly after we headed to the pool for the last time, and had a blast with all the kids. Swimming in the pool has been a really cool bonding experience. When we returned to the park we had a huge water balloon fight that turned into every man for himself! 

One of the campers, Julien, grew to be very attached to us, he cried when we were leaving, which shocked his mom. She said he had never cried like this before. This is one of many examples of how God has allowed barriers to be broken down to reach these kids with the gospel that we once thought we couldn't. God even allowed us to connect with the adults in the park and be there through many conversations about His truth. Later, Gino was able to share the gospel with these great kids; they were very attentive through the message. This was something we had been praying for over these last couple days. We were able to pray with the kids about their own prayer requests, which was a powerful way to solidify our time with them. We ended the day signing our names like movie stars on the gospel frisbees we gave them yesterday so they could remember our names. 

God has done such an amazing work this week and we couldn't have done this without His strength and courage sustaining us day in and day out. Thank you for your prayers, we came with 14 bibles and are returning with one. We hope God's light will continue to shine in Philly, and these kids will decide to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. Our lives have definitely been changed for the better because of this amazing experience. 

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